Quality Assurance

Express Gifts is committed to delivering high levels of Service which consistently achieve appropriate outcomes for customers. Throughout all elements of an account lifecycle we aim to treat customers fairly, individually and with courtesy, having regard to their individual circumstances to ensure they receive the most appropriate solution to deal with their account.

Express Gifts Quality Assurance scorecards are designed to ensure the business can demonstrate we are treating our customer's fairly and ensuring that customer gets the right outcome in their dealings with us.

Conduct Risk and TCF are about a culture. A way of doing business that will help ensure customers receive fair treatment. Achieving appropriate outcomes for customers is an expectation and integral part of all business areas in Express Gifts and subsequently our Quality Assurance framework.

Express Gifts Quality Assurance (QA) framework covers 2nd line QA activity around customer facing operational areas of the business dealing with financial regulated products including:

  • New Account Opening & Insurance Sales
  • Complaints
  • Collections
  • FS Operations & Fraud
  • Debt Collection Agencies

A sample of customer interactions from operational customer facing areas are monitored on a monthly basis in order to

  • Provide assurance as to the effectiveness of 1st line quality checks both internally and externally by our customer facing outsourcing partners
  • Provide assurance as to the effectiveness of the controls frameworks governing customer facing operations
  • Provide assurance as to the competency and compliance of customer facing staff
  • Provide assurance as to the appropriateness and consistency of customer outcomes.
  • Provide assurance as to the competency and compliance of DCAs acting on our behalf

Approved scorecards are used for each activity and all are based on the same 4 competencies Customer Outcome, Technical Compliance, Customer Experience and Admin. These all have predefined weightings and pass rates.

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