Fraud & Credit Operations

Credit & Fraud Operations sits within Financial Services, and is split into 2 distinct teams that are responsible for a wide range of tasks that directly impact revenue streams across all Express Gifts Ltd (EGL) brands.

Credit Operations

Where possible, our Credit Risk strategy applies automated decisions against applications for credit received from potential customers. This is done by making use of information held by the UK credit reference agencies to assess individual applicants against our internal risk frameworks ahead of a decision being returned. One of the primary functions of the Credit Operations team is to review applications that may be referred for a manual decision, a key process that ensures correct decisions are applied in line with our internal frameworks and risk appetite.

In addition to this, we provide support and guidance to EGL customers around a variety of account matters that may require clarification or investigation in order to reach a satisfactory resolution for the customer. These regularly include:

  • Order Authorisation
  • Credit file query and/or amendment
  • Product information
  • Communication with mutual 3rd parties

Fraud Operations

Our Fraud Operations team are responsible for a broad range of activities that aim to protect Express Gifts Ltd and its customers from the negative impacts associated with fraud or financial crime. Our approach to this is split into 4 key stages:

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Investigation
  • Reporting

We assess customer applications, orders and other account activity via a number of channels, with proactive identification of potential fraud risk (either financial or reputational) being one of our key commitments to both customers and colleagues of the business. As well as proactive investigations we also provide advice and guidance on all matters relating to fraud or financial crime that affect EGL or its customers, regularly communicating emerging trends and fraud awareness updates in an effort to reduce our exposure to financial or reputational loss.

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