Credit Services

All potential customers are subject to an underwriting process that assesses the credit worthiness, indebtedness and affordability of each application.
Once a customer has been accepted by EGL and a credit account has been opened, EGL's intentions are to ensure that:

  • customers only have access to and borrow amounts that are affordable for their individual circumstances;
  • ongoing underwriting processes are carried out that assess credit worthiness, indebtedness and affordability for each customer;
  • customers interest rate is priced according to risk;
  • customers personal data and identities are protected;
  • consumers are protected from fraud and we endeavour to mitigate the risk of fraudulent account use;
  • we attempt to establish contact with non-paying customers or those customers with financial difficulties, in order to understand the root cause of the financial and/or personal circumstances to assist with providing an appropriate outcome for the customer.
  • We maintain the quality of our credit portfolios within stated risk levels.

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