About Express Gifts Ltd

Express Gifts provides a personal shopping service to around 1.5 million customers each year through a combination of direct marketing and online via the and websites. Shoppers may choose to pay for their purchase within 28 days, or take advantage of a monthly credit programme.

Latest News

Looking After Our Customers

We found a problem, now we are fixing it!


Final Results - 2016

Express Gifts saw product sales for the year as a whole grow by 2.3% to £224.9m.


TV Campaign Launched

Our TV Campaign is now in full swing and will be running on popular TV channels through-out the UK until September.


New eCommerce Platform launched

We have recently changed the platform that runs our online stores for our Studio, Ace and Webb Ivory brands.


Our Business

One of the largest direct mail order business in the UK. Whilst historically catalogue based, we have a growing presence online.

Behind the Scenes

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how we create all of our catalogue and website shots in our own in-house Photo & Video studio.

Our TV AD campaign

We have put together alternative ads showcasing our diverse product range. View more details about our advert by clicking below.

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