Webb Ivory

Working together - to make a difference

For over 40 years, Webb Ivory has been working together with thousands of fundraisers in the UK - and has helped them raise literally millions of pounds for a wide range of charities and worthwhile causes.

How does it work?

One of the great advantages of using Webb Ivory as a fundraising method - there is no initial outlay, it is easy to administer and there is very little running cost involved.

The concept is very simple. Our fundraisers simply distribute our catalogue among potential supporters, and, whatever orders they receive from their supporters, 25% of the order amount they pay goes directly to the fundraiser's cause in the form of a donation.

What is the product range?

Featuring a broad range of goods, including a comprehensive range of greeting cards, gift-wrap, innovative gifts, and other goods for special occasions, the Webb Ivory catalogue offers quality products at excellent value-for-money prices.

The product range is enhanced by one other distinctive service - free personalisation. Many of the products can be made 'unique' through the addition of an individual's name, a charity's identity or a special message. This extra personal touch can be added to a wide range of the gifts and products in the catalogue - and is completely free of charge!

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